See Why Your Choice of Payment Gateway May Attract VAT

  • Sunday, 7th April, 2019
  • 16:04pm

We've been asked several times by some of our producers in EUROPE about been deducted for VAT charges during invoice settlements. 
This then is to let you know that Streemlion, as a service does not deduct or hold VAT.  This is related to one of our payment gateways.

We have two payment Gateways which are:
1. Paystack - a USA-registered company -AND-
2. Paddle - a UK-registered company.

Paystack only accepts payments via card transactions and is VAT-FREE. 
Paddle accepts payments via card and PayPal transactions. However, Paddle being an EU-based service is expected to collect VAT from EU-residents. Hence the added fees been paid by Producers who registered with European addresses. Non-EU producers are not charged for VAT. 

Therefore, this information is to let you know the options available to you regarding your payment gateway of choice: 
If you continue to, or want to use card/PayPal to pay and you're an EU resident and wouldn't mind extra VAT charges then pay with Paddle Payment Gateway.  
On the other hand, if you want VAT-FREE payments, irrespective of your location then Pay with Paystack Payment Gateway.

Know you can easily switch between both gateways at the point of invoice payments or in your billing dashboard.

Please, feel confident and safe to pay with or switch to any gateway of your choice. Both gateways are highly secured and safe.

Thanks for your business.
The Streemlion Care Team


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