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What is Streemlion?

Streemlion is an Internet Radio stream hosting company envisioned for affordability and excellent service. 
We make starting your Internet Radio easy and legal. At streemlion, you wont be among those who operate their
web stations illegally.
We provide fully licenced music royalty coverages for our clients. So set up, program, share 
and grow knowing you're fully covered by our 
SOCAN licence


Do users really have licence coverage?
Yes! By operating under us, you're covered by our SOCAN licence. This means you're not an illegal radio. 
We act on your behalf- file and pay for your royalties which ensures that music creators and publishers
are properly and fairly compensated.

Since SOCAN is Canadian does it mean my radio will be Canadian too?
Yes! Your stations becomes Canadian, as all streams are "owned" by Streemlion which is also Canadian. 
So while listing on directories do endeavor to declare your station as Canadian, as well as on your website.
Your stream is also hosted by Canadian Data centers/providers.
 Do you have materials that help identify that my station is SOCAN-covered?
Yes! We have a "SOCAN Licensed to Play" web banner. We equally have a radio drop for scheduling
into your playlist. Download them HERE. Your're advised to use the banner and regularly broadcast the drop
on your Streemlion radio to keep away rights owners harrassments.
Does my SOCAN licence impose any restrictions?
Yes! No absolute rights anywhere. Our licence does not cover you putting paid ads/commercials on your stream except you are on our GrandLion (Business) Plan.  Also, our licence only covers the music broadcast directly off our platform. Do not relay 3rd-party streams
onto our system. The SOCAN licence does not cover you engaging in illegal music sharing or on-demand activities.

What about Music Use?

The reciprocal agreements SOCAN has in place with foreign societies absolutely benefits Licence holders, as it allows you to publicly play virtually the world’s repertoire of music under copyright rather than limit you to only SOCAN authors/composers/publishers.

Feel free to play music legally acquired or legally given to you by their right owners.

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