How to List Your Everest Cast Pro Stream with the SHOUTcast Public Directory Print

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How to List My Everest Cast Pro Stream with the SHOUTcast Public Directory 


Everest Cast Pro allows for Pubic YP Listing of all your SHOUTcast Streams. 

Step 1: 

Login into your Everest Cast Pro Panel using your User name and Password. 

Step 2: 

Click on the Edit Server Details button at the very top of your Everest Cast Panel. Now “Edit server details”. When popup page opens. Insert: Title, Music genre, URL address (Link to the radio website/page and Description. Then finally click on “Save” Button. 

To apply the current changes restart your server by clicking STOP then START again. 

Listing in SHOUTcast YP Directory: 

For the SHOUTcast YP listing, you will need to take further action. Go to the bottom of your Everest cast main home page and click on the ADMIN link next to your SHOUTcast stream. (note and copy the admin password just below the ADMIN link). 

Once on the SHOUTcast DNAS page, click on the registration link under Listing Status. Enter the username admin and the admin password you copied earlier. 

You will need to login to create a SHOUTcast free account to create the required authhash. After creating authhash, copy the authhash code and paste it in authhash field and click on save. 

Allow a couple of minutes and you should then see your listing in the SHOUTcast YP Directory at:

NOTE: if your stream is set above 128kbps mp3 or uses AAC+ , may require you to sign up with them and pay  for a premium account.

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