Celine Dion Album Art

AS a Streemlion client, you're required to use the
SOCAn Pop player on Your Website

Streemlion Radio Player


Our player can play both your Shoutcast and Icecast streams

Album Art Display

The player smartly fetches art covers using iTunes API.
You can also use a generic cover as fallback.

HTTPS Streaming

Player is compatible with websites with SSL secured encryptions

Social Share

The player allows your listeners to social-share currently playing songs to their contacts.

Wide Color Combinations

Lionel Richie album art
Brandy Never Say never Album Art
Streemlion Radio player
Streemlion Radio Player

Other features

Use Instructions

Active Streemlion users who have their station running on Everest Cast Pro or Centova Cast or both.


Yes! Our Socan Music License makes it mandatory to use this as your website player. It will be  the only player through which your listeners can access your stream on your radio website. 

Once you fill and submit your form, we’ll generate your codes for you. In due course we’ll allow users to create accounts and generate the players themselves. 

Enjoy and let us know your personal experience using it. We’re still taking user feedbacks for final production release. Give us  your feedback here