We’re starting the Internet Radio Industry's in-house reward system to honor Streemlion hard working stations who put in efforts to make the Internet Radio platform a lot more attractive.

The Streemlion Radio Station of the Year Awards are presented to a radio stations that effectively impact the platform, their genres and the listener by being compelling, relevant, informative, personable, and entertaining.

Categories include:

1. Talk Station of the Year,

2. Music Station of the Year,

3. Station with Best Contents 

4. Most listened Station

5. Station of the Year.


Award prize is a .png badge that will have both station name and category won. Also, all winning radio stations will be showcased in the "Featured Radio" section of Streemlion home page. The Award badges can be used on websites, flyers and general graphics/artwork designs to give the station credibility and prestige. Winners list will be released every December 20th

Go ahead and put in the hard work. We're following and listening. 

Criteria for selection include:

  1. Minimum 3 months of Streemlion platform membership.
    (Important for station monitoring)
  2. Fresh and regularly updated contents
  3. Professional feel/outlook
  4. Creative Programming
  5. Listeners engagement
  6.  Effective and creative use of the Internet Radio Medium