Xmas-25 Promo Offer?

The Big Christmas-25 Promo Offer came up after long and hard thoughts on ways to reward our dear users this celebration season. Being a stream host that has enjoyed great support from our users we just want to give back in a special way. So we could only think of giving our users a lifetime offer of ‘owning’ Streemlion. What a beautiful thing to just pay once and forget about all the worries associated with recurring billing. 

Santa Girl
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Benefits of Taking Advantage of This Special Offer

No Invoice generation for you ever again

No Invoice Reminders Again

No Late/Penalty Fees for You

No automated suspension & termination

The Xmas-25 Promo
Order. Pay Once. Stream forever

You have a life-time access even if you leave and return. Your subscription remains valid and perpetual.

Fast & Lucky Users
December, 2019 Promo Ends
Decades of Validity

Lifetime Promo Pricing



Everest Cast or Centova Cast


400 GB Bandwidth/Month

500 Listeners


Great Value




*Everest Cast or Centova Cast


Unlimited Bandwidth

1000 Listeners


2 stations if EverestCast

2 Channels if EverestCast




*Everest Cast or Centova Cast


Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Listeners


5 stations if EverestCast

5 Channels if EverestCast


Flat vector characters

See Promo Details

  • This Promo is opened to both existing and new users.
  •  Our existing user are free to migrate their current billing plan to Life-time access.
  • The Promo is only available to 25 fast subscribers who take advantage of it.
  • Users on Everest Cast and Shoutcast are eligible.
  • Since it’s a life-time plan, there’s no PAYMENT REFUND.
  •  Your subscription remains valid and perpetual even if you leave and then return or if you GIFT it to someone else. 
  •  Successful Orders get $20 Extra credit to use for extra Storage space if desired. (Another VALUE off Total cost).
  •  Mufasa & GrandLion Subscribers are eligible to exchange their $20 Credit for Cash reduction from desired Package Price.

FAQs About This Offer

Important questions and answers

By Life-time we mean forever. As it relates to this offer, when you pay the initial promo price you will NEVER pay anymore for the service

Even if you leave the service for whatever reason and you decide to come back immediately or later your service remains valid. You’re free to even Gift your account to someone else.

Yes! If your existing package is Sarabi, Mufasa or GrandLion plan you can migrate it. Simply holla at us to migrate/switch your billing plan to Lifetime if you have existing service. New users only need to order a fresh LIFETIME plan. 

Just the same way you order for the regular packages. Click any of the buttons asking you to order. Select Everest Cast or Centova Cast package with Icecast or Shoutcast from the drop-down list and choose any package with LIFE-TIME tag. See video on how to order.

This is an important question. Now for Streaming Protocol, we recommend Icecast. WHY? It’s FREE, Open-Source and always getting frequent updates. Whereas you will need to pay for Shoutcast if you want to broadcast above 128kbps or want to stream in AAC. Meaning you can’t stream in HD Quality unless you pay.

For Service Platform, We recommend Everest Cast. It’s feature-rich with unique elements like both Shoutcast and Icecast running same stream, one accounts with Multi-station/channels capability, etc. Everest Cast gets almost monthly user-requested updates. Centova Cast on the other hand feels very outdated and rarely updated.

Lastly for Package to choose, (if your budget allows), we recommend Everest Cast GrandLion-Lifetime. Why? It’s future-proof. It’s our UNLIMITED offering. Plus it gives 5 stations in one. Meaning in the future if you want to create a network of stations it’s already got you covered. Not to mention it comes with unlimited listeners and bandwidth. For Future growth, it’s the package to choose. 

Unfortunately the answer is NO! Since it’s a lifetime offer there’s no payment refund. 

Ordering Progress Bar: Ends December 25th or while slots last

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