The 3 THINGS INTERNET RADIO PRODUCERS SHOULD DO DURING COVID-19 can mean a lot to both the radio station and listeners.

COVID-!9 Prevention Infographics. Feel free to copy and share widely.

The news is already awash with information and situation reports about the deadly Corona Virus. The one thing that is common across countries is the decision to place citizens on compulsory or voluntary  lock-downs. While this can be a great problem to all of us, it however presents some measure of opportunities for those who look beyond the surface.

For Internet radio Producers, the opportunities may be small but can also be impactful.

1. Be a Socially Responsible Station.
At this time, it will be highly appreciative of listeners to know that their little Internet Radio station cares about them and also helping to disseminate information about the Corona Virus. Producers can package their own Corona PSAs, detailing what to do to stay safe or take it a notch by running regular updates on the COVID-19 situation in their local area or happening in the international scene. Listeners would like to keep up with situations abroad where their friends or families reside. But by any means, show that your station is not under the cave and that it’s current. If you can’t produce your own PSA then go to YouTube and search out any one you like and convert it into audio for your station. No one will view that action as infringement, as every hand is needed on deck on this. Your station can also share the attached COVID-19 infographic message on your website and Social Media accounts.

2. Refreshing Your Contents
At this time of boredom and compulsory sit at home orders, the major thing that are likely turn on for people will be music. They now have more time than they have ever had in recent times to spend on things they love. So ensure you constantly refresh your playlists. By when this whole problem dies down and life returns to normal they would remember the stations that made life a little fun for them during the Corona Virus days. That means return listening.

3. Regular Social Media Call for Listenership
Again, people are online this time to kill boredom. Use the opportunity to draw listeners to your station. Come up with compelling message to drive them to your station. For example, run a message that sounds like this or similar:
Keeping up with too much updates on the Corona situation can itself lead to anxiety, fear and serious depression according to experts. Break free and get on the sunny side. Tune-in to our station for a cheerful and mode-lifting experience. Tune in HERE! 

We hope these 3 tips will go a long way to put your radio in the minds of new listeners. If you have any other brilliant ideas that should have made this post, 3 things Internet Radio Producers should do during COVID-19, please add it in the comment. We’ll be glad to learn from you as well.

For those seeking a more comprehensive way to promote their station see How to Get Listeners For Your Internet Radio



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