Why It’s Dangerous To Run Your Internet Station For Free

Have you ever wondered why It’s Dangerous To Run Your Internet Station For Free? This article tries to answer for you.

To get free things is not a bad idea altogether. We’ve seen cases where Free even thrashes Premium, especially with things like Open-Source Softwares, website themes and related elements. But

Internet Radio Mic & Headphone
Internet Radio Mic & Headphone

 as it relates to Internet Radio streaming, free can also be dangerous. It’s even more so when you’re required to meet certain TLH or be prepared to be yanked off the platform.

We’ve seen producers who have, well… made huge investments on their radio while running on free platforms. The following are likely a few or all expenditures they made one time or the other:

  • Paid station app
  • Paid Logo design
  • Domain name/recurring renewal fees
  • Internet hosting service/recurring renewal fees
  • Possible payment for website design
  • Paid radio player
  • Radio Merchandise 
  • Paid printed/Online Flyers
  • Paid Promotions
  • Station/Studio equipment
  • and other things

All the above-listed items have one thing in common. They all support the Internet Station itself. So it forces the question of why the desire to spend money on secondary things and yet want the Primary and very important one to run for free. If anything happens to your station all the secondary elements are useless. It’s better to have a paid service and seek free secondary elements to support it. 

The TLH-mandate model has cost lots of producers the fruits of their hard work. Some Internet Radio Producers woke up one day and their station was gone for not meeting a required TLH agreement. Some woke up to an email message of pending deletion of their station for low listeners threshold. After all the heavy spendings on items that only support the station. This sad experience can be very demotivating for some Producers, as they just can’t find the energy and courage to start all over again. Some practically threw in the towel on Internet Radio production and walked away never looking back.

While this is sympathetic, it also must be accepted that this was due to wrong decision made by the affected Internet Radio Producers. It’s far more advantageous to run on a paid Internet Radio service for the following reasons: 

  • You’re not under any obligation to meet certain listenership status.
  • Your station will not be closed because of low listeners number.
  • You’ll have better customer service.
  • You’re spending for the right priority.
  • You’re not constraint by default streaming resources but by your budget.

Radionomy users are mostly hit by this TLH requirement. On the side of Radionomy, this is a necessary policy though in order to have vibrant and active stations to justify their ad-insertion business model. So it means it’s not intended for every producer. Those who just want to do it for themselves, family, and friends it’s better off going for paid services as  solution to their hubby-driven endeavors. In fact, generally, those who want to stream without the extra burden of meeting listener expectations paid service is the only option.

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Internet Radio Mic & Headphone
Internet Radio Mic & Headphone

Why It’s Dangerous To Run Your Internet Station For Free is an original post content by Streemlion, the home of Internet Radio.

Let us know in the comments if the theme of this post goes with your thinking at one time or the other. Or whether you agree or not that it’s dangerous to stream for free.

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